Cancer Survivors – Nutrition is One Therapy That Can’t Be Ignored

Given the solid clinical evidence nowadays, it is negligent to omit complementary- supportive nutrition from any cancer treatment protocol.

Considering the toxic world we live in, the best diet conducive to good health is a slightly detoxifying diet:

A general detoxification (also used to treat Candida, yeast, parasite and food sensitivities) diet is best:

Avoiding the following is the first step: SUGAR, ALCOHOL, YEAST, DAIRY, WHEAT & CAFFEINE (COFFEE, COLAS & BLACK TEAS)

You will find that this is NOT as easy as it sounds, as these substances are very prevalent in our modern foods. The good news about this is that taste buds can be trained, with a little bit of practice and perseverance.

For the beginning, start reading labels and be more aware of where they are: change starts with awareness, followed by action

There are 2 major problems with sugar:

In combination with other foods, especially when combined with protein, sugar exhibits inflammatory properties: while Dr’s are trying to decrease inflammation in your body, you are counteracting that with your food…

Inflammation is at the bottom of many diseases, especially the modern ones…

*100mg sugar decreases the activity of your white blood cells (w.b.c.) to ½ of their normal, within 30min., for 5 hours. So your immune system is on break for 5hrs. after eating that little sugar: Can you afford it? Your immune system is the part of you that does the healing you are in need of for natural cancer recovery.

Sugar and other quick acting carbohydrates including sucrose, fructose, maltose, lactose, glycogen, glucose, mannitol , sorbitol, galactose, monsoaccharides, poly- saccharides.

Also avoid honey, molasses, maple syrup, maple sugar, date sugar and turbinate sugar. Nutra- sweet should be avoided, it causes problems with the nervous system.

Fruits also contain a little bit of sugar-fructose…but the difference is that when eating a fruit, you also eat the fibre naturally present in fruits, which helps stabilize blood sugar after eating a fruit, rather than allowing it to get out of control, as it happens after easting processed sugar…

ALCOHOL: Alcohol beverages: wine, beer, whisky, brandy, gin, rum, vodka and any other fermented liquors and liqueurs, also fermented beverages such as cider and root beer.

Besides insulting and overloading the liver, alcohol also interferes with the absorption of nutrients in the intestinal tract; the yeast present in alcohol leads to dysbiosis=the process where all good bowel flora(acidophilus, bifidus+other 500species, etc…)is destroyed and replaced with pathogenic yeast and parasites: more on this in my articles and Protocols…

COFFEINE (coffee, black tea, chocolate, colas, etc.) is not good for 2 reasons:

1. It antidotes homeopathic medicine;

2. It stresses the adrenals (the organs that help you cope with stress) and causes stress symptoms in the body – exhaustion, nervous energy, irritability, sleep problems.

Regular tea (not herbal, Chinese or Japanese), has tannic acid in it, which is very hard on the kidneys (the organ of purification and detoxification).

YEAST: Brewer=s baker=s yeast. And all foods whose preparation obviously depends on yeast. Raised baked goods including: breads, rolls, coffee cakes and pastries containing baker’s yeast.

Yeast is the main “killer” of the intestinal normal bowel flora, leading to dysbiosis, a condition that reverses the absorption process, resulting in food nutrients being eliminated rather than absorbed, and toxins being absorbed in the blood rather than being eliminated through the bowels…

DAIRY: It is best to avoid all dairy products, but especially cheese

*dairy is mucous forming in the human body, therefore slowing down all metabolic processes (part of it is because the human species is NOT supposed to consume another species’ milk….as many believe…)

*dairy feeds the pathogens causing dysbiosis-the condition mentioned before)

For more on dysbiosis, check out my articles and Protocols….

WHEAT: All wheat and wheat products- e.g. Bread, pasta, malt cereals and candies, Malt is sprouted grain that is kiln- dried and is used in the preparation of many processed foods and beverages.

Wheat is EVERYWHERE! Start reading all labels to become more aware of it.

When the human body is exposed to the same grain over and over…it becomes sensitive, amounting to allergic reactions.

99% of people are sensitive to wheat and don’t even know it: wheat sensitivity usually affects the nervous system, causing decreased concentration ability, decreased mental power and focus, etc.

The use of nontoxic nutritional therapies called orthomolecular medicine is crucial for the more aggressive or advanced forms of cancer and of paramount importance for your natural cancer recovery.

Cancer survivors: Do you know why nutrition is important in your recovery?

In this article you can find out how nutrition can help your natural cancer recovery.