Cancer Survivors – Dysbiosis is Your Major Obstacle to Cure

Dysbiosis is an imbalance of intestinal micro flora, with a decrease in normal healthy flora and an increase in pathogenic micro flora.

Dysbiosis can result from antibiotic therapy, gastrointestinal tract infections or diarrhoea, surgery involving the intestinal tract, starvation, general illness, stress or a poor diet.

The common yeast Candida Albicans is present in every individual. Normally, the yeast lives harmlessly in the gastrointestinal tract. However, sometimes the yeast will overgrow and lead to significant disease. Candida overgrowth is believed to cause a wide variety of symptoms as part of a complex medical syndrome. (the yeast syndrome or chronic candidacy.) The major body systems most sensitive to the yeast are the gastrointestinal, genitourinary, endocrine, nervous and immune systems

Allergies have also been attributed to Candida overgrowth, but the worst symptom is malabsorption, which leads to reduced nutrient absorption in the blood (necessary for healing) and increased toxicity levels.

When dysbiosis is present in one's intestinal tract it leads to:

1. Malabsorption, therefore interfering with the normal absorption of nutrients and elimination of toxins and
2. Diminished immune system power by lacking important nutrients and destroying the first defense barrier of the intestinal tract.

The successful treatment of chronic candidosis involves reducing predisposing factors to Candida overgrowth .: reduced digestive secretions, diet, impaired immunity, nutrient deficiency, drugs, impaired liver function and underlying disease states.

One way and safe way to address dysbiosis is by paying attention to diet: all foods feeding the yeast and the parasites should be reduced / eliminated as much as possible; these foods happen to be prevalent in our western diet, therefore this task might not be as easily reachable as thought: all foods containing refined sugar, yeast, dairy and mold-forming (mushrooms, peanuts). This is a good start, which can be followed by supplementary reading and education in this respect; there are numerous educational aids available nowdays to help you get dysbiosis under control and speed up your natural recovery.