Cancer Survivors Antioxidants Are Cancer Fighters in Foods

Doctors and scientists together have been looking for anti-cancer strategies and therapies on a continuous basis.

It is now known that cancer is not a localized phenomenon but a systemic disease symbolized by and reflected in the numerous imbalances both in our society and in our individual biochemistry.

Although no food or food combination has yet been clinically proven to retard or prevent cancer in people, animal and test-tube research strongly suggests that many components have specific biological actions that may prove helpful. Scientists suspect that to treat tumors, compounds would have to be extracted or synthesized and given in larger doses than those found naturally; on the other hand, extracts or synthesis might overlook protective compounds in a healthy, varied diet.

Some of the best well – known anti-carcinogenic components are allelic sulfides found in garlic and onions. They protect against carcinogens by stimulating production of a detoxification enzyme, glutathione S- transferase.

Another important group of anti carcinogenic components are the carotenoids, found in parsley, carrots, winter squash, sweet potatoes, yams, apricots, cantaloupe, spinach, kale, turnip, greens and citrus fruits.

They are antioxidants and cell differentiation agents ( cancer cells are non-differentiated)

Perhaps the most well- known anti-carcinogenic group are the catechins, found in green tea and berries. They are antioxidants, especially linked to lower rates of gastro intestinal cancer, even though mechanics are not understood yet.

The list goes on, and research in the next years will only add to it.

One can easily see that research is only proving what our ancestors knew innately:

fruits and vegetables are the healthiest choices, congruent with a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body. You can wait for science to prove the benefits of all fruits and vegetables, or you can just start incorporating them more and more into your diet.

Science only offers an extra benefits to a healthy diet, rich in fruits and vegetables: cancer fighting properties which can only help one’s cancer recovery.