Cancer Man in Love – What Is He Like?


Do you read your horoscope every day and determine which sign you are most compatible with? Do you see yourself dating a Cancer man and want to know his personality traits and if you are a good fit? The key to knowing if you are going to hit it off is to find out exactly what he is like.

No Place Like Home

The Cancer man loves a stable home life. Nothing is more important to this type of man than his wife and his children. He loves his family very much and they are the center of his world. The Cancer man also likes to be the head of the household. While he is loving, he is also wants to take care of you at all times to the point of being a little controlling.

Earn His Trust

While the Cancer man can be loving and tender, it wise not to cross him by letting him down or betraying his trust in you. He tends to be hurt very easily and will hold onto these feelings for some time. Therefore, it is wise to be go easy on any criticism against him. If you do betray or hurt him, it may be difficult to earn his trust again or even his forgiveness.

Sex Appeal

This particular type of man is very sexy and is only interested in one woman. He can also be very romantic and look to protect his wife at all times and in all circumstances. The Cancer man in love is very gentle and caring while giving his entire heart over to the relationship.

Kindness in his Eyes

The cancer man is very courteous to all whom he meets. He has manners and is kind and compassionate all at the same time. He is also a very peaceful person, but don’t take that for being a wimp. In fact, if he or his family is threatened, he will rise to meet the occasion. This type of man can also be shy and take a while to get to know, so be patient with him when trying to develop a relationship.

The Collector

A Cancer man is a born collector. He likes to keep things from his childhood so think twice before throwing anything out and be sure to ask him first. These items are usually tied to a particular memory from the past and it is one that brings him great joy.

Father Figure

The Cancer man makes a terrific father. Even if his own relationship with his parents has been strained in the past, his feelings toward his own children are very strong. In fact, he will be a caring and sympathetic father in all regards. A little girl is likely to have him wrapped tightly around her little finger. He will also be gentle with his children and help support them in all of their endeavors and activities over their lives.