Cancer Man in Love – Have You Won His Heart?

Have you been dating for a while and you think your Cancer man is in love? Are you unfamiliar with this sign and you find him difficult to figure out? Has he shown signs of interest, but your lack of knowledge about Cancer men leaves you wondering what those signs really mean?

For the woman who is truly looking for a serious and long lasting relationship, getting a Cancer man’s love can be the greatest coup. Highly given to romantic gestures and with a truly monogamous nature, these men are the steady rock a woman can cling to. But are you the right woman to win the heart of this Cancer man? Read on and find out.

Flakes Away

If you’re the type of woman who tends to be on the flaky side – indecisive, flighty, unsure – you might have a hard time getting this man to even look at you. This guy doesn’t want a woman who’ll love him one day then go looking elsewhere the next.

When you win a Cancer man’s love you better be ready to love him back.

Ego Boost

Though he walks about with a great air of confidence and self-assurance, deep inside, the man born under the sign of Cancer often suffers from great self doubt. He’ll rarely talk about it or admit it, so it’s important you simply offer sincere and well deserved praise once in a while.

A simple word of praise for a task he’s accomplished can be enough to reassure him. Just remember to keep the praise genuine.


If you love to be spoiled and treated well, this could very well be the man for you. Cancers are known to have a generous nature and they enjoy seeing the people around them happy. It’s not rare to see a Cancer man in love go out of his way to be there for the woman he cares about.

However, if you’re the type who tends to go overboard and ask for way too much and rarely give back, this man might send you running. As big and generous as his heart can be, when he feels he’s being taken advantage of, he quickly retreats.

Long Memory for Betrayal

If you hurt this guy, he’s going to remember it for a long time. Be careful how you treat him and make sure you’re prepared so suffer the consequences if you step out of line. This isn’t the guy who’ll simply accept your apology and welcome you back into his life with open arms.

He’s going to make you grovel and beg to get him back, not out of spite, but simply because he can’t ignore the pain you caused him.

Make Him Laugh

This guy can be pouting and unhappy one minute and quickly turn around and laugh hysterically the next. If you’re a woman given to dramatic scenes, you’ll only drag him down and he’ll become increasingly moody.

What this guy needs is a woman who can lighten any situation with a laugh, joke or whimsical comment. Make him laugh and you’re on you way to winning his heart.

So, do you have what it takes to win a Cancer man’s love?