Cancer Man in Love – Detect His Emotions

Are you wondering if your Cancer man is in love? Is this your first time dating a Cancer man and you’re not sure you know how to read him? Could this man be in love with you and you don’t even know it?

Let’s take a look at this very romantic and monogamous Cancer man and see if you fall into his type.

The Real Deal

If you’re looking for a man you can settle down with and trust, a Cancer man will make you happy. Truly given to romantic gestures, he is a creature of habit who is quite happy being in a stable and solid relationship.

The Ego

Part of winning the love of this man may mean having to remind him of the good man he is. Given to bouts of self doubt, he is humble to the point of often doubting his true worth. However, be careful with false praise. He’ll sense your lack of sincerity and may hold it against you.

Knowing that he has a woman who is prepared to stand beside him, come what may, is a great reassurance to the Cancer man in love.

The Kindness

Open and generous, this man is always willing to help out a friend in need. His loyalty to his friends and family runs deep and he will never hesitate to be there for them.

However, don’t think this makes him a pushover. As willing as he may be to help out a friend, he can be quick to spot the person who dares try to take advantage of him. If you’re calling him for help, you better be certain you have a legitimate reason.

The Grudge

While he won’t pout and make a scene, he does at times have a way of hanging onto his feelings, whether good or bad. If you wrong him, he won’t quickly forget about it. You’ll have an uphill battle trying to get past your mistake. Work hard to make it up to him and prove that you truly are sorry for whatever pain you caused him.

The Humor

Most Cancer men have a vibrant sense of humor although he can at times be difficult to understand. Given to episodes of moodiness, his sense of humor gets him through unpleasant times, but can often be dark and sarcastic.

The Father

If you’re hoping to have a big and happy family, this is the guy who may just be what you’re really looking for. A true family man, they make for wonderful fathers who take great pride in being hands on with their kids.

Children can really bring out the kid in a in this guy and most thrive on fatherhood. However, his mate needs to be open-minded about his way of parenting. He’s more apt to have fun with them than discipline.

Once you truly understand the make up of a Cancer man in love, getting along with him and forging a truly hot and romantic relationship will come easy. Be ready to love him as he is and he may very well give you his world.