Cancer Man in Love – Are You the Girl to Win His Heart?


Have you going out with your man for some time and you believe you might have a Cancer Man in love? Do you not know the Sign of Cancer very well, and are having trouble figuring him out? Does he seem like he’s interested in you, but you don’t know enough about the Cancer sign to properly work out his signals?

For relationship girl looking for a genuine and committed relationship, finding the love of a Cancer Man can be a great achievement. Romantic and monogamous, these men are a great support for a woman. Are you the right kind of woman to attract such a man? Here’s how to know.


If you are a woman who is a bit flaky – flighty, can’t make decisions – you’ll have difficulty keeping this man. Cancer Man doesn’t want a girl who’s in love with him one minute, then has disappeared the next.

If you capture his heart, you must be ready to love him as he loves you.


He may appear confident and self-assured, but Cancer Man often does have a lot of doubt about himself. He will be unlikely to admit this, so you must be sure to give him lots of praise whenever possible.

Just a small comment of praise can be sufficient. Just be sure that your praise is genuine.

Good heart

If you enjoy getting special treatment, Cancer Man could be the man for you. A trait of the Cancer sign is generosity, and they love giving happiness.. Cancer men go all-out for the women they love.

Although, if you are the kind of woman who takes and expects too much, this might put Cancer Man off. As huge as his heart is, he’ll run if he thinks he’s being used.

Good memory

If you cause this man hurt, he’ll have a long memory about it. Take care in the way in which you treat him, and be sure to be prepared for the consequences if you do him wrong. He won’t forgive and forget easily.

He’ll make you work hard to get back on his good side, because he will have suffered a lot of hurt.


Cancer Man can be serious one moment, then happy and laughing the next. What Cancer Man wants is a girl who can bring lightness to any moment by making a joke or doing something funny. Entertain him with your jokes, and you’ll be sure to capture his heart.

So, is Cancer Man in love with you?