Cancer is Being Arrested by Good Nutritious Organic Food

I started eating heaps of raw organic fruits and vegetables, and what happened? The nutrient content in that food invaded my cells and arrested all the fungus, bacteria and the loose cancer cells that were having a party in my body. OK, this is fiction, but only because I do not actually have or ever had cancer. The point is that if you eat raw organic fresh fruits and vegetables in large quantities, you will reverse your cancer.

The Process for Reversing Cancer

When we get sick, we feel down, tired, we have pain. This is because our body tells us: "Please stop stuffing me with so much toxins and start put inside me something that will flush all that away and then once I flushed myself put some good nutritious food to nourish me"

How Can You Help Your Body to Do That?

There are several things, which are cheap, safe, effective and simple things you can do to cure our body yourself WITHOUT any medicine.

  • Drink lots of water first thing in the morning
  • Eat lots and lots of raw foods, fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc …
  • Exercise
  • Meditate
  • Avoid any processed foods, like burgers
  • Avoid deep fried foods

There are numerous cases of people who had cancer in stage 4 and have reclaimed thanks to a program that involved all the above and more.

No Medical School Teachers Nutrition

Many doctors will tell you that they do not want to hear about alternative medicine, I tried to talk to a few doctors about nutrition but I fell on sealed ears. Doctors earn a lot of money from the drug industry, once they will encourage people to eat well, they will be out of work. There is simply no money in being healthy.