Can Your Vaginal Yeast Infection be Causing Your Gas

A lot of women ask, “Can a vaginal fungal infection lead to bloating?” Their reason for asking this is bloating is a symptom of a fungal infection, but they don’t understand why. Thousands of women don’t catch on that the fungus breeding in their vagina is connected to what’s happening inside their digestive tract, and this is what’s causing the bloating.

Your vaginal yeast infection and your bloating are caused by a bacterial imbalance in your intestines, and your symptoms start to appear when this imbalance gets more in favor of the infection causing fungus AKA Candida Albicans.

The Candida yeast usually live harmlessly inside your intestines and vagina, and on your skin until it is given the chance to mutate into its more aggressive form. This is when the yeast will become a problem, and it will start causing your symptoms.

When you’re more bloated than usual, this is one of the symptoms of a bacterial imbalance of your intestines. The mutated yeast is a gas forming bacteria, and your gas is a sign that the yeast is over populating your intestines. You probably won’t connect this with the soreness of your vagina, but this pair of symptoms are both caused by the same fungus, and that’s the mutated Candida.

The most responsible cause of an intestinal Candida infection is a course of antibiotics. Antibiotics upset the natural bacterial balance in your intestines by wiping out all the bacteria which includes your friendly bacteria. Your friendly bacteria is your body’s natural defence against bacterial infections. Antibiotics also weaken your immune system which is another natural defence your body has to protect you from infections.

If you have recently completed a course of antibiotics then you can guarantee that this is to blame for your fungal infection. Antibiotics are the biggest cause of Candida over growth in women’s vaginas and intestines.

If you’ve never used anti fungal drugs before, and you’re putting up with the symptoms of a fungal infection then visit your doctor ( if you haven’t already ). Seeing your health practitioner will give you a proper diagnosis as searching the internet is no way of diagnosing a yeast infection.

Thousands of women try to self diagnose their infection, and they get it wrong. Just because you have an infected vagina and/or are suffering with bloating it is no guarantee that you have a yeast infection.

Once you have attained a proper diagnosis you will then know that you have a good chance your yeast infection is causing your bloating. This will make it a lot more simple to treat your infection. Your health practitioner will only diagnose your vaginal yeast infection, if you tell your health practitioner that you’re suffering from gas he/she will just prescribe something for your bloating.

Your doctor won’t prescribe anything for your intestinal fungal infection as a lot of doctors never diagnose an intestinal yeast infection.

If you begin to suffer from chronic yeast infections then this will back up the fact that you are suffering from a Candida infection in your intestines. Recurrent vaginal Candida infections are usually caused by an intestinal yeast infection ( candidiasis ) as the yeast infecting your intestines continually re-infects your vagina when you stop your over the counter fungal infection treatment.