Can You Hear The Wrath Of This Wrestler?

Why do we always need to fight for what we want? Can’t we just get it by an easy way? No, we cannot. It is not in nature’s law to grant someone his or her wishes just like that. You need to fight for it, give your best struggle, and enjoy the journey of efforts without waiting for the result. Sometimes this becomes half-true. A wrestler who is mute by nature and cannot hear the sounds has made the humanly impossible possible. Virendar Singh, The mute Wrestler, has again given a thumbs-up to his destiny and once again proved that he is not less, and will never be then the other fighters. This man is a nature’s miracle and is constantly fighting the battle to reach his peak destination that is, Rio de Janeiro the famous Olympic game centre for the able-bodied. It is his dream to wear that gold medal on his chest with his broad and happy smile. All he wants is to make his Country Proud and the nationalists cheer for his success, but that is proving a wee bit difficult for him. The reason? He is physically disabled. I vehemently do not agree to this preposition of him being not included in the able-bodied competition. I do not understand this injustice done by the government and the authorities themselves. What is wrong if you allow a deaf man who is more than equal to compete with those normal brainer persons? Just because he cannot hear that whistle by the referee and does not know when to stop the chance is taken away from him. This is an utterly foolish reason to let him out from the international games.

He and his family have taken resort to the government but all is ignored. Now I just want to know who is the one with deaf ears? One who is ready to face the challenge in spite of his disability, or the ones who are looking like greedy-guts, are perfectly normal and still not willing to give him a chance? Virendar has been rigorously and dutifully practicing his gymnastics and wrestling skills just by the hope that he will be able to take part in the Olympics. His dream is something to be cherished by the sports lovers and the crowd outside should try to open the eyes of the sleeping government and make them hear and speak about this hidden yet half-discovered diamond waiting to shine at the flame of the game.