Can You Get a Rash From Black Mold?

There are many health conditions that can occur from mold exposure, and one common symptoms is a rash from black mold. Typically, this is not the only symptom that occurs, there are other health problems that will begin along with the rash from black mold. These are some of the symptoms to watch for:

Symptoms of Black Mold

The symptoms of a mold problem can vary from one person to the next, because different people react in different ways to the mold toxicity. Some people feel like they have a cold or flu that never goes away, so they constantly have a runny nose, headache, sinus problems, cough, or respiratory problems. These symptoms usually start out small, and then they become more aggravated if the mold exposure continues.

Other health problems can develop such as respiratory infections, sinus infections, weakness, dizziness, memory loss, urinary tract infections, autoimmune diseases, digestive problems, nausea, cancer, and even death. These symptoms should not be taken lightly, because they can severely impact a person’s life if the mold is not removed as quickly as possible.

A rash from black mold is a common symptom, and the rash can occur for one of two reasons:

Allergies: If the person is allergic to the mold spores, hives or an itchy rash may start on the skin as a reaction to the allergens.

Toxicity: The skin is sensitive to toxicity, and it works to keep harmful substances from getting into the body. Additionally, the skin also is an organ that can be used to get rid of the toxicity that may be present, and a rash is one manifestation of the body trying to get rid of the toxicity.

If a rash from black mold occurs, it may be in a specific location on the skin where the skin came in contact with the mold. Or, the rash may start to develop in moist areas such as the armpits and underneath the hair. Sometimes, the rash may be over multiple areas of the body if the person has high levels of toxicity, because the body is just doing everything that it can to get rid of the toxic elements that are present.

How to Stop Symptoms of Black Mold

The only way to get rid of these health symptoms is to get rid of the mold problems that are present. Some people don’t realize that they have mold within their home, so they go to the doctor looking for treatments for the individual symptoms. Medical treatments can be used to minimize the symptoms that are occurring, but medications cannot take away the root of the problem. Also, as the mold exposure continues, it is likely that the symptoms will become worse and other symptoms will also begin to develop.

Mold is very difficult to eliminate once it starts growing, so the best solution is to hire a company that specializes in mold cleanup. They will be able to come into your come and clean all of the surfaces and air that has been affected by the mold. Also, keep in mind that it may be necessary to get rid of certain things that were affected, such as fabric, wood, or any other porous materials or objects.

Once the mold has been cleaned up, you will see that the symptoms will start to subside and the rash from black mold will go away. You may need to combine medical treatments with the mold cleanup process, but it is possible to get rid of the uncomfortable symptoms as long as you have eliminated the mold problem from your home.