Can You Die From Pleurisy – Yes You Can and No You Can not

Can you die from pleurisy? Before I answer that question let's look at what pleurisy is.

It's a condition of one or both lungs. The typical symptoms are pain, a cough, a fever and rapid breathing. But These symptoms, bar the cough, are pretty common whenever your body is struggling with ill health of any description. The cough purely indicates the lungs are involved.

A fever is the body's way of trying to restore balance after a pathogen has invaded it. It's a healthy sign.

There are two types of pleurisy – the wet type and the dry type. This reflects to the amount or lack of extra fluid which builds up between the pleura, the membrane encasing the lung, and the lung.

That is the medical description of the disease.

But a deeper explanation is needed to understand what's going on.

You only get disease, any disease if your immune system is compromised. If this is in good order, your body will be able to prevent any disease from occurring. A slightly less that perfectly healthy immunity might not be able to prevent disease, but it would be mild, with minor symptoms.

So can you die from pleurisy? Yes, you can die from any disease if your immune system is badly compromised. The disease label may change as you advance through the stages of deteriorating health. And in this case, your pleurisy may advance to pneumonia, in which case the answer would be no, you can not die from pleurisy.

Limiting your understanding to disease labels will not help your overall health. What will help that is if you start focussing on improving your health at a holistic level.

Then you will not be bothered by questions such as, can you die from pleurisy.