Can You Die From an Anxiety Attack?

Your heart starts to beat rapidly as anxiety consumes you. You can barely breathe and you start gasping for air. You feel disoriented and all you want to do is run to a safe place. You really feel like dying then and there.

My heart really hurts. Wait…OMG! I am having a heart attack, I am going to die!

Does that sound familiar to you? It sure does to most people who suffer their first anxiety attack.

These are just a few common symptoms experienced by someone having an anxiety attack. However, the most pressing concern is no doubt the fear that your about to die.

So…can you die from an anxiety attack?


Even though it may not feel that way, anxiety attacks cannot kill you. While its true that your heart does hurt and they are pounding rather abnormally, that doesn’t mean that your having a heart attack. Anxiety attacks are anxiety attacks. Heart attacks are heart attacks. Do not mix them up together.

Unfortunately, most sufferers instinctively do just that! You need to understand that these symptoms (heart pounding, difficulty in breathing, dizziness, etc) are the results of your body being in a state of “high alert” – your “flight or fight” reaction. These reactions are triggered for no reason and you mistakenly believed that your in danger, when in actual fact, your not!

This is the reason why anxiety attacks cannot kill you. It’s suppose to feel like that! Your heart start pumping faster to bring more blood to your limbs, so that you can run. You start to breathe faster to take in more oxygen. This is what the “flight or fight” reaction is doing, to prepare you against incoming threats and danger – except there’s no danger!

Anxiety attacks cause these “flight or fight” reaction to trigger…and you just at the receiving end of it. That is why it confuses you! You can be doing your daily activities like watching TV, driving, cooking, etc…but suddenly your hit by strange symptoms and your feel like dieing.

Remember this fact: You cannot die from anxiety attacks. You are NOT having a heart attack. You are NOT choking. You are NOT fainting. You are NOT going crazy. Above all, you are NOT dying.