Can Viviscal Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Hair?

Viviscal boasts that it can stop and prevent baldness and grow new, thicker and fuller hair in both men and women with thinning hair. But does this treatment for hair loss really deliver on its promise of growing or regrowing new hair? Is Viviscal a scam or a credible treatment for men and women suffering from alopecia worldwide?

Recently, we learned that world renowned hair transplant surgeon Dr. Glenn Charles has publicly endorsed Viviscal. Dr. Charles has an outstanding reputation for performing state of the art hair transplant surgery and regularly receives glowing accolades from his patients. When asked to comment on his public endorsement of Viviscal, Dr. Charles stated that he’s never had any of his patients display any negative afects. Dr. Charles describes Viviscal to his patients as a “natural supplement” that can promote a healthier scalp and hair. But promoting healthy hair growth is not the same thing as reversing the effects of male or female pattern baldness. Dr. Charles also explains to his patients that there is no guarantee with this product. Dr. Charles claims that most of his patients believe they saw some improvement with this product. However, some of Dr. Charles’ patients reported that they didn’t see any noticeable changes that neither they nor he can identify.

Other hair restoration experts are not as optimistic regarding Viviscal’s hair growth potential. Expert hair loss doctor Dr. Bill Rassman of Los Angeles, California is skeptical of the photographs showcasing alleged results by consumers using this product. Viviscal reportedly contains special marine extracts and a silica compound however, there’s no indication or evidence suggesting or concluding that this active ingredient can regrow hair. Dr. Rassman feels that if these photos were real, the product would have taken over the market years ago.

While there may be no harm in adding Viviscal to your hair loss treatment regimen, men and women considering this product should be aware that their product only claims to reverse thinning hair due to stress, poor nutrition and other health related ailments. Nowhere on Viviscal’s website does it suggest that their product can slow down, stop or reverse the effects of genetic male or female balding.

Viviscal appears to be one of the many products on the market with reported claims that it can stop or reverse hair loss. However, like most products on the market, there’s very little evidence supporting these claims, despite most of the hype people read on the internet.

Men and women suffering from hair loss are strongly advised to consult with their doctor before starting any medical hair loss treatments.