Can Viral Hepatitis Cause Cirrhosis Of The Liver?

If you’re curious about whether viral hepatitis might lead to  cirrhosis  of the liver, then you may wish to check out this article for some details on the topic. There is no one answer that covers every type of viral hepatitis, as there are multiple types of the infection, and some can lead to it while others do not appear to do so.

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The B and C forms of hepatitis may lead to  cirrhosis  of the liver. These issues are known, for short, as HBV and HCV, respectively. The V stands for virus.

One other thing to consider is that not even every kind of HBV or HCV might lead to  cirrhosis . For instance, the acute stage of the diseases does not do so. It is when these illnesses are chronic that they have the potential to lead to this kind of liver scarring (along with the other issues brought on with  cirrhosis ). Infections by these viruses do not always lead to chronic conditions.