Can Thyroid Dysfunction Affect Obesity?

Our human body is controlled by a series of hormonal functions. N fact it can also be said that hormones are the key to maintain a vital balance of the human body. They are produced in a very minimal quantity. Any kind of disturbance to it almost halts or misguides the bodily mechanisms. They are produced by the various parts of the brain like the pituitary, hypothalamus regions. One of the most prime hormones that is of great importance is the thyroid hormone. This hormone works in conjunction with the iodine supplement, since, iodine can not be produced by the human cells, and they have to be supplemented from external source in order to keep the thyroid hormone in action.

In addition to the hormonal control by the brain, many external factors also influence the secretion of the hormones. The factors are inclusive of the diet predominantly, life style, stress conditions. They tend to alter the hormonal secretion and maintaining them well with in the limits. Excessive thyroid production can lead to hyper thyroidism and in sufficient thyroid production leads to hypo thyroidism.

Surprisingly at least 20% of the women and 10% of the men are suffering from thyroid problems. Unfortunately, the black side is that they are not aware of the fact that they have such syndromes and so fail to take treatments in the initial stage. At latter stages, the treatments become either difficult to treat or sometimes to her disgrace, can not be treated at all or might take a very long time may be years to get cured completely. In order to avoid such hazards, it is required from the individual that he has to check his hormonal levels frequently from a medical firm.

The main hormone that helps to control the body metabolisms and weight are the thyroid hormones. They in fact are the key reasons for over weight people due to hormonal problems. Treating them can bring them back to their original state. Many toxins that are produced in the body from external source try to reduce the thyroid hormone level predominantly to help them to cause further damage to the body.

Thyroid mal functions may occur due to a list of known reasons like food allergies or intolerance to gluten. Other factor also includes Selenium, zinc and fatty acids deficiencies. The lack of the pro hormone called the thyroxin and iodine can also be one of the prime reasons for the hormone dysfunction.

Initially, the individual can identify the thyroid deficiency by a list of common symptoms which include fatigue, depression, slugginess, muscle cramps, constipation, hair loss, less sexual desires and menstrual problems. In some cases water retention also occurs. Dryness of the skin is also one of the common symptoms associated with thyroid deficiency.

Fortunately there are many ways to overcome this problem and in turn help to over come the obesity. Try to eliminate any foods that are allergic towards thyroid, exercise regularly, consume high iodine rich foods, foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin D along with sufficient zinc and selenium can help to fight obesity. Medications with in active T4 and T3 hormones also help to over come the deficiency. Drink sufficient water. When all these seem to be in effective, contact a doctor for analysing the cause and cure.

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