Can Stress Cause Ovarian Cysts?

With stress being seen as a major cause of sickness and bad health in our society those suffering from painful cysts are now asking can stress cause ovarian cysts? Can the pressures of modern life make a direct impact on the formation and enlargement of cysts in the ovaries?

The answer can be a complex one but in my opinion the answer is yes and no. No they are not the root cause of ovarian cysts but yes they play a major part in the complex processes that lead to enlarged and painful cysts. Let's look a bit closer:

Stress has a major effect on our bodies and mental outlook. IT has been linked to lower immune system response and of course it psychologically saps your motivation and positive outlook.

However there is a more direct link between ovarian cysts and stress because of a hormone called pregnenolone. This is a hormone that is produced in large amounts when the body is under a large amount of stress for prolonged periods of time. This is a needed hormone because it helps the body and mind deal with stress but when too much of it is produced it leads to problems.

When the female body is flooded with pregnenolone it clogs up the pathways used by your other hormones that are used to control your menstrual cycle. Too much or too little estrogen and other hormones lead to cysts forming and continuing to grow as the delicate balance of your internal systems are messed around.