Can Probiotics Help Relieve Allergies


The truth is as we age, we tend to become sensitive to some things. It is possible that at the time you were young, things like dust never really mattered to you. But now, that you are older and well advanced in age, you find that dust is not something you even want to smell. Otherwise, you are likely to develop asthma. This scenario is quite common. You see a lot of adults these days with asthma and other allergic reactions to different substances, and surroundings. Asthma which is one of the most common allergies in the United States is suffering by over twenty million people. A larger percentage of who are kids under the age of 15. In fact, some medical sources make so bold as to say that two out of ten people are likely to have some form of allergy.

Allergies differ in their intensities and in their sources. For example, asthma is usually triggered by smell. People who suffer from asthma are often advised to keep away from smoky or dusty areas or even avoid certain foods like onions and fried foods. People who develop rashes or welts on their skin after eating cheese or tasting oil are also said to be suffering from allergies. In essence, allergies are the ways in which the body responds when something it considers harmful is suddenly introduced into it. At the time, it is fighting the source by all means and this creates different reactions such as difficulty in breathing as in asthma and excessive itching after the consumption of nuts.

Research has shown that allergies can also be caused by bad bacterium residing in the body. What often happens is the good bacteria often over over or covers the stomach walls preventing the penetration of the bad bacteria into the bloodstream. But when some kinds of foods are introduced into the body, the good bacteria becomes over powered by the bad ones. This can often happen in minutes. In the cases of food induced allergies, it is thought that the food creates an enabling environment for the bad bacteria to rapidly spread an infiltrate the walls of the gastro intestinal tract. When it does this, it then enters into the bloodstream where the white blood cells try to fight it off. During this time, the body often times, goes into a state of shock which reveals itself as allergies.

Certain research results have shown that when this happens a dose of good bacteria as contained in probiotic pills and drinks can do the magic. Since the bacteria in these are alive, they are introduced directly into the system from which they immediately aid the god bacteria and bring to equilibrium the good bacteria and the bad bacteria. In most cases, it will even help stop the rapid proliferation of the bad bacteria. So, it is advised that you should take probiotics if you suffer from any form of food induced allergies.