Can Oral Thrush Be Contagious?

An oral yeast infection is also called mouth thrush or oral thrush and is very uncomfortable to live with, as well as being unpleasantly and unsightly. It is possible for this sort of yeast infection to also spread itself to the throat and the lips.

Put simply, yeast infections are caused by an excess growth of the candida albicans yeast which is naturally found in the body. If the yeast grows out of control, it becomes a problem which is commonly called thrush.

Thrush symptoms go hand in hand with other diseases and are often occurring in people who have a run down immune system or have recently taken antibiotics. It is simply an imbalance of the bodies natural organizations.

It is possible to spread thrush through direct contact, and therefore if you have any kind of yeast infection it is important to undertake good hygiene.

There are many options available as treatment. Some people like to take prescribed medicines which are available from your doctor, while others prefer a more natural remedy.

It should be noted that many natural remedies offer a money back guarantee which prescribed medications do not, and there before many people prefer to opt for these treatments knowing that the companies promoting them have confidence in their products.

It should be noted that if you opt to take prescribed drugs that your resistance to that medication will build up over time, making further treatments less effective. This is one side effect that does not occur with natural remedies.