Can Gripe Water Brings Harm to Your Babies?

Gripe water is a home remedy that has been used in Europe for ages. Mother’s find it handy as it is effective in treating colic, gastrointestinal discomfort, reflux or any other stomach ailment.

Although this type of remedies has shown its effectiveness in soothing digestive problems, it can still be harmful to the infants if it is not carefully used.

The possible side effect for gripe water includes dehydration, vomiting, allergies and worst, it can even cause brain defect! Improper use of ingredients added to it can produce disastrous side effect and mothers should always pay 101% extra precaution on the ingredients picked to avoid bringing long term harmful effect to your baby.

Risky gripe waters include those that are sold in the pharmacist. There are manufactured in the factory and you may not know what is the exact ingredient added to it. You just have to be extra fussy while purchasing to minimize the risk.

Harmless ingredient may include chamomile, aloe vera, ginger root extract and also fennel. It is advisable to seek for pharmacist advice and precautions while giving it to your baby to make sure it is safe.

To be safer, some mothers would rather prepare this kind of home remedies on their own. This can produce much less of a problem as you knew the kind of ingredients that were added into it.

However, before making any start, do not just blindly add whatever you think it is correct. You should seek for recipes from experienced mother who have tried preparing this kind of home remedies on their own or search for recipes from the internet. Whatever you do, you should always try first before giving it to your baby.

Indeed, home remedy has it pros and cons. There is risk on applying it to infants but at the same time it is beneficial to treat gastrointestinal problems such as colitis, a mysterious disease where doctors could not find the cause of it. Gripe water appears to be miracle when there is no absolute medicine for colitis.

At the end of the day, all you have to be concern is the ingredients added into gripe water. Do not just blindly add whatever you think it is beneficial. If it is purchased from pharmacy store, consult the pharmacist to reduce any possible harmful effect to your baby.