Can Exercise Shrink Fibroids?

If you are aware that you have fibroids, you may well have read all kinds of conflicting information about what the best treatments are to help you to reduce them. If you are wondering specifically, “Can exercise shrink fibroids”, well there isn’t really a definitive answer.

Fibroids form due to the subtle interaction of a number of factors which happen to be present in the body. It is believed that your diet, hereditary factors and lifestyle play a big part. It is virtually impossible to determine exactly what the precise causes of fibroids are in an individual.

Conventional treatment tends to deal with eliminating the symptoms of fibroids. The problem with this is that these treatments do nothing to eliminate the root causes, meaning that even after extensive surgery, fibroids can regrow and often quite quickly too! The only true way to shrink fibroids is to eliminate the root causes, meaning that the body effectively becomes a neutralized environment in which new fibroids cannot grow or existing ones supported.

So, can exercise shrink fibroids? Well, exercise can certainly help with the symptoms of fibroids. No matter what treatment you choose, it will work better if the body is fit and strong. Exercise will control stress, improve circulation and relieve muscle tension. In addition, better hormonal balance is usually enjoyed by women who exercise regularly and this in itself can help with fibroids.

Specifically, some exercises are better than others for women with fibroids and the three main forms of exercise to shrink fibroids are:-

1. Aerobic – Fast walking, swimming and running will all help improve your circulation

2. Muscle-Strengthening Exercise – Try weight training as this will generally strengthen the muscles, including those required to support the uterus. Also try Pilates and kegel exercises.

3. Energy-Enhancing and Hormone Balancing Exercises – Often Eastern-inspired. Consider Yoga and Tai-Chi.

There is little doubt that the best way exercise can help shrink fibroids is to combine it with other natural treatments, such as dietary modification and making lifestyle changes.