Can Eating Meat Cause Man Boobs?

More and more people are beginning to look at the foods they consume and are finding that they are often a leading cause of obesity and more namely, man boobs. One of the worst areas of food as of late is meat. While meat itself is not strictly to blame, we must look at the chemicals and hormones that are given to the animals to encourage abnormal and quick weight gain.

Although people in the meat industry will quickly deny that any of the products they pump into the animals, which we consume by eating meat, have any affect on humans what so ever, it does not take much of a questioning mind to wonder how much truth is behind their answer. I personally find it quite hard to believe that a hormone given to an animal to produce fast and extreme growth will have absolutely no effect on me when I eat a piece of meat from that animal. It has been proven that there are identifiable paths of these hormones still in the meat when it hits your dinner plate, so one must suspect that these hormones will have some affect you once you consume them.

If you are not quite ready to go the vegetarian route, there are still options available to you. More and more supermarkets are starting to carry organic foods including meats. Any farm that desires to label their meat as organic must abide by strict guidelines and allow their animals to eat and grow in a totally natural way. Of course by doing this, it puts the cost of the meat produced up as the quantity is drastically reduced.

As for my personal preference, if I plan to eat any meat I can assure you it will be organic. No matter how many businessmen and hired doctors tell me the hormones pumped into animals on normal farms will not have any affect on me what-so-ever, I still find it to be a hard pill to swallow. Simply knowing that those unnatural chemicals are present turns me off any meal containing non organic meat.

You too should be very weary of non organic meat as there is really no telling just what else you will end up consuming. I am sure there is nothing in there that will cause any severe ailments, but when you are in the tough battle of getting rid of man boobs, there is simply no reason to take the chance. By eliminating non-organic meat, or meat altogether from your diet, I am sure you will see much better, and much quicker results.