Can Eating Fish Lower Your Cholesterol and Help Heart Disease? 5 Ways That Really Work

Are you feed up with the fish diet to reduce cholesterol and decrease your risk of  heart   disease ? Most people are. It can be pretty dull yet the alternative is drugs with side effects ranging from sexual dysfunction to liver disease. Is it time you looked for a better answer than a drug or just eating fish and salads to live longer.

While opinions differ one thing is certain there are five steadfast rules to lower cholesterol and treating  heart   disease .

1. It is important to determine why you have high cholesterol. Is it because of lifestyle choices or stress? Perhaps it is both. Western medicine would have you believe genetics play a major role. Ask yourself if your have the same eating and exercise habits of your parents. If you do is it likely these play a part in your health. On the other hand are you easily stressed and is that a family trait?  Heart   disease  is the leading cause of death in the USA and often stress couples with poor lifestyle are the major factors not genetics.

2. Diet does matter but it doesn’t have to be all fish and salads. The Mediterranean diet is one of the best and while it includes fish you can enjoy low-fat recipes with chicken, veal, and even red meat. As an alternative physician I often recommend changing eating habits to alleviate present illness and prevent future health problems.

3. Are you having a hard time climbing the three flights of stairs at work? It is possibly those extra pounds not age. Losing weight even a few pounds can improve bad cholesterol. You don’t need to become a body builder to make changes in your cardio workout. One of the best things to do is take a twenty minute walk after dinner. This walk also relieves acid reflux, bloating and other health problems.

4. Herbal remedies have gotten a bad rap lately. When used appropriately herbs heal. One of the top herbal extracts comes to you through Ayurvedic medicine. Many of my clients have used Guggulipid successfully. One patient reduced her cholesterol levels so signify that her medical doctor didn’t place her on Lipitor. When looking for herbal remedies remember that they are not created equally. My clients speak with me first before I decide that this formula is right for them and then I have only found one botanical mixture that works well and it’s only available through a health provider like myself. Don’t waste money or your health.

5. As you age your body stops producing enzymes that help you digest food. By age thirty you are producing less than half the enzymes you need. It’s no wonder that you gain weight and begin to experience heart and digestion problems. To avoid these problems you want to look at using proteolytic enzymes that promote healthy digestion and a healthy heart. Also vitamin B3 helps with bad cholesterol and pantethine which is found in vitamin B5 helps both high cholesterol and high triglycerides.

Now for the fish diet. Yes eating fresh fish is very good for you but the amount we need to eat is a lot so supplementing with a full spectrum fish protein with Omega-3 fatty acid is ideal. Many clients have told me over the sixteen years I’ve been in practice that AminoGest is the best. It includes Deep ocean white fish protein, Rosemary and Lemon extract all of which support the heart, digestion and the immune system.

So what can you do today to start lowering your cholesterol?

Take an honest look in the mirror and see if you would like to trim a few pounds and start a walking or other cardio program. Watch what food choices you prefer and even purchase the popular Mediterranean Diet recipe book you can find online.

Add proven herbal remedies like Core Guggulipid and supplement with top grade vitamins enzymes and fish oils. Likely you will reduce your cholesterol levels, improve your digestion, lose weight, and avoid  heart   disease . Now all you will have to do is decide how you want to spend the new found energy and time. Perhaps travel or fun with friends and family is in your future.