Can Diabetes Be Cured? How Physical Activities Cure Diabetes


While diabetes has managed to become one of the most spoken-about diseases of the 21st century generation, finding a way to cure diabetes has been the focus of numerous recent studies, with a significant majority getting concerned about its form and how it really occurs.

A basic understanding of the disease is crucial for any attempts aimed to cure diabetes or efforts aimed at finding a way to manage it.

What is Diabetes?

It is a condition of unregulated blood sugar caused by either improper behavior of the hormone responsible for this regulation- insulin, or destruction of the pancreatic beta cell that usually secretes hormone insulin when the brain sends a signal for such a response.

When the pancreatic cells are unable to produce enough insulin to encourage the absorption of blood sugar into subsequent tissues for energy production, the resulting condition is a case of excess glucose in the blood. This is type 1 of the disease.

Sometimes the body simply does not use insulin hormone properly, a condition referred to as insulin resistance. This results in diabetes type 2 which involves your pancreas making extra insulin at first to make up for the improper use but becomes unable to keep up over time.

Role of Physical Activity

With over 80 percent of folks living with type 2 of the disease being overweight, there is just so much you can do for yourself to reverse diabetes with physical exercises. In fact, a number of therapists observe that type 2 diabetics can manage the condition simply with an appropriate diet and recommended physical exercises without necessarily having to take additional pills for the hyperglycemic condition.

Physical activity involves the use of the muscles. Your muscles need energy to perform. They use way more glucose than the fats which are just a form in which glucose is converted for inert storage.

When you perform physical exercises you build more muscles which in turn burn and convert the glucose in your body into energy reducing its levels in the blood. Often, when the body does not make sufficient insulin, or is resistant to insulin, your body cells do not use glucose resulting with high amounts of blood glucose. This is where the disease comes in.

Warding off the Sugar Disease

Sometimes you don’t have to wait for the disease to set in for you to start looking for ways to cure diabetes. You could alternatively lead a physically active lifestyle and be able to keep the disease away. A physical activity program will help you lose significant amount of weight and maintain a healthy blood glucose level, a method that will significantly reverse diabetes.

You do not have to attain an optimum weight. As soon as you are able to just lose 10 to 15 pounds of weight you will have gone a long way in reducing your risk of suffering from diabetes.