Can Colon Hydrotherapy Help Your Kidneys Function Better


When someone mentions the idea of colon hydrotherapy, one subject will spring to mind: an enema. And, of course, that leads to the question: how can an enema help my kidneys? That’s because it’s not an enema! Colon hydrotherapy is so much more than just enemas. Primarily, it has to do with putting the right sort of things into your body to flush out the pollutants that have built up there over time.

Often times, you’ll hear doctors warn against eating too much red meat. It’s said that it can collect in the lower intestine and stay there as a breeding ground for bacteria. Well, the same is true for other organs of your body. Kidney stones, bladder infections, and other diseases can lead to serious health problems.

A good kidney cleansing can flush out toxins, dissolve kidney stones, and improve overall kidney function. Now, one little caveat here: if you’re suffering debilitating pain from kidney stones, don’t think that one quick treatment is going to get rid of them. Kidney stones are like any other malady; they take time to build up, and will take time to deal with. There are different kinds of stones. Depending on their size and composition, days or even months will be needed to get rid of them.

The first step in proper kidney health is to prevent the stones. To that end, drink lots of water, juice, tea, and eat plenty of fruit. Lemonade, juices, and herbal teas are particularly good for the kidneys. If you start showing the symptoms of a kidney stone: low back pain, pain in the kidney, and edema that is, you’re retaining a lot of water in your body, there is a simple treatment you can try. This is known as the watermelon hydrotherapy, and you may find it a bit unorthodox. First, get a few large melons, slice them up into nice bite-sized chunks, and then sit in a nice warm bath.

You’ll have to stay there the whole day, and eat as much watermelon as you can. Now, here’s the part you may not like you have to empty your bladder into the bath water, and stay in the tub the whole time! It’s one thing to do that at the beach or even a public swimming pool (come on, admit it, you’ve done it before!), but to have to do it in a bathtub and stay in it; that’s a bit much. Yet, if you can tolerate it, this hydrotherapy has been shown to dissolve kidney stones in as little as a single treatment.