Can Caffeine in Energy Drink Treat Parkinson's Disease?

Many arguments started when a medical study indicated that caffeine could contribute to helping victims of Parkinson's illness. It seems to me, that caffeine is going to cause harm, no matter how it may help. Over doing caffeine takes away your dopamine, as I illustrate in my book titled, "The Truth About Caffeine". Many people that have just an average quantity of caffeine, become prey to its addictive nature and greatly expand their usage. In order for caffeine to be able to keep stimulating us, we require larger amounts to bypass our body's learned tolerance. Although massive ingestion of caffeine leads to damage and can lead to death.

As our brain is stimulated from the ever so popular caffeine, dopamine is let out providing us with alertness, motivation and uplifted feelings. Dopamine is shot out of the brain, like all sorts of potent drugs, delivering its popular stimulating effect. Dopamine delivers messages for brain, as a neuro-transmitter, responsible for our reaction time, vitality output, alertness, spontaneity, caution, and similar message functions. Even so, dopamine in addition, determinants stimulant addiction.

The body's growth of dopamine manufacturing brain cells is greatly diminished, as dopamine gets depleted with a massive consumption of caffeine. Then, comes a feeling of being exhausted and worn out. Then, to regain that good feeling, more caffeine is ingested. The outpouring of dopamine neurons keeps going while in this cycle.

As our body becomes older, our level of dopamine diminishes naturally, which goes even faster with caffeine. Parkinson's illness is the result of a serious reduction of dopamine neurons. Due to caffeine's stimulating effect on dopamine output, people with Parkinson's illness can benefit. Previous to seeing any signs of this diseases, 70 to 80 percent of dopamine neurons have vanished.

Caffeine leads to the development of other health problems. While caffeine accelerated the production of anxiety hormones, the adrenal glands became exhausted. A single caffeinated drink is plenty to start the brain, pituitary gland, sending messages to the adrenal gland to let out the anxieties hormones adrenalin and cortisol directly into our bloodstream.

Stress hormones release results in a feeling of a sudden blood rush, which we usually experience in stressful or dangerous situations. The burst of vitality we get from caffeine is actually a anxiety hormone rush. Caffeine is a powerful stimulant along with being an irritant that asks the body's defense system to respond by releasing our anxiety hormones. The defense system, after some time, loses its strength.

Relentless false adrenalin sent by caffeine deficiency, wears out the glands until they can not release enough hormones. Looking to experience the former adrenalin jolt, a caffeine user begins to increase his caffeine ingestion, placing more pressure on the glands, which can not cope with the addict 'demands. The logical results of this cycle will become apparent.

The adrenal gland of heavy caffeine consumers consumes emptied, as the time goes on. To much production of the anxiety hormones everyday, turn poisonous, and later on alters the makeup of the blood. This ends up hurting the operation of the nervous, immune, and endocrine systems.

The consequences may be one or all of these situations; repeating fatigue, raised insulin and blood sugar levels, gain gain, higher blood pressure, irritation, anxiety, depression, sleeping disorder, common viral infections, ulcers, thinning of the skin, bone loss, thyroid problems, and other disturbing messages of health deterioration .