Can Bee Pollen Cause Headache?

It has been said so many times that bee pollen can possibly be a remedy for headache however, it is not often enough that we ask, can bee pollen cause headache. It is an often-overlooked issue because people assume that if it is a headache cure, it definitely shouldn’t be the case of “bee pollen cause headache”. However, the facts are that bee pollen headaches is a frequent occurrence in people with bee pollen allergies.

Bee pollen cause headache is not very common although it has been known to happen. The experts attribute this to a common allergy of bee pollen. Some other allergic reactions can include heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, as well as swelling. These are quite severe reactions for bee pollen cause headache and they are very rare. There are very few documented cases of the above said reactions when taking bee pollen therapy.

More likely allergic reactions include experiencing a laxative effect as well as gastro-intestinal problems. These have both been seen as minor allergic reactions as well as being seen as a common response to adding such a rich substance to the body. Bee pollen cause headache is also seen occasionally as a reaction to the nutrient rich food.

The human body today is conditioned for toxins and chemicals that are planted in our food as well as constant pollution from the air. The pollutions in the air come from industrialized areas as well as airplane travel. Our bodies are so accustomed to eating poor nutrient value food, that when we introduce a product such as bee pollen, our bodies seem to react in a way that displays slight discomfort in the stomach as well as light laxative effects. Bee pollen cause headache is one of the symptoms to watch for and immediately seek advice from your medical professional or doctor.

When selecting bee pollen products, be sure that you check with the supplier to inquire about the harvesting, collecting, and storing of the bee pollen. Bee pollen that is of low grade can cause ill effects from the toxins and contaminants known to be found in them. If you are considering bee pollen therapy, be choosy and don’t’ just assume that because a product is on a shelf means that it is safe for human consumption.