Can Andropause Be Treated With Natural Supplements Like Provacyl, Invigorex and VigRx

It may be shocking to know that men do suffer from a type of menopause as they get older. Though it is nothing like the dreaded menopause that women experience, men do change as they get older. Andropause in men is caused by the body’s decline of testosterone which is the main male sex organ, HGH, the human growth hormone and various other hormones. This hormone begins naturally decreasing production after the age of 30. It can leave men depressed, confused and upset about the changes that are beginning to occur with their body.

There are some symptoms of the male form of menopause. Some men experience irritability. They become easily upset and may not want to be bothered with anything or anyone. Many men also experience a difference in their sex life. They may have a decreased sex drive or experience erectile dysfunction. Many men also complain that they begin to lose their muscle and gain additional weigh generally around the waist. This is why most men get wider and their belly has the tendency to grow larger. Other symptoms can include depression and sleep problems. Many of these symptoms are similar to those that women experience during menopause. Andropause is not nearly as popular as menopause and the symptoms are not always as visible so most men do not even realize what is happening to their body. They simply attribute the weight gain and feelings of depression to getting older. Most men do not like to admit that they are having problems so they may choose to ignore them. Andropause is also a natural process so it is not dangerous or harmful to men it is simply an inconvenience. Some men who are experiencing increasing problems may seek the help of a physician. Andropause can be detected through blood test and other profiles. Doctors will generally measure the amount of certain hormones like HGH and Testosterone present in the body.

Andropause occurs gradually in men; unlike women men can still produce children. Conceiving becomes much more difficult due to the decrease of testosterone but it is not impossible. Some doctors recommend hormone treatments. Supplements such as Provacyl are simple ways to enhance the production of HGH and rejuvenate the body. Many men love the increased energy and sexual drive that they experience simply from implementing HGH into their daily regimen. HGH therapy can greatly decrease many of the symptoms associated with Andropause. Men experience the same mood problems that plague women and increasing the amount of HGH and testosterone in the blood can help to control these changes. Diet and exercise are also very important when taking HGH supplements. This will help to make sure that the body is healthy.
Replacement therapy carries more risk than traditional HGH supplements. HGH injections have been approved for documented medical patients that possess hormone deficiencies. Men who go this route are taking a big risk. Because HGH injections are very expensive many people try to obtain them illegally. Besides being harmful to one’s health they can also lead to legal trouble. Supplements such as Provacyl, Invigorex and VigRx plus are non prescription products that are safe for everyday use. They are affordable and they will help decrease the symptoms of Andropause. It is funny to think of men suffering from menopause when they do not have a menstrual cycle but it is all a part of the aging process.