Camphor Blocks and Their Healing Properties

Camphor blocks have been used for their natural therapeutic properties for years, and for many have even become a symbol of their grandmother’s old fashioned remedies. Camphor has many faithful followers and they swear blind by its wonderful healing powers and always keep some to hand, for a whole range of purposes.

Camphor originally comes from a tree native to Japan and China and is one the main ingredients in tiger balm. If you have ever used tiger balm, you’ll know how potent and pungent camphor can be! It can also be found in aromatherapy oil form, where it can be used as part of a massage oil or even for burning.

One of the most popular uses for camphor blocks is in helping to sooth chest complaints. Back to grandma’s remedies, it was common for children to wear it hanging around their neck at chest level to ward of any coughs and cold that were around. If you were unfortunate enough to get ill, it could be used in the same way to help clear any congestion on the chest.

Another way to clear the chest is wrap it in a pillow case, a stocking or in muslin and place in the bed beneath the sheets. Again, making sure that the camphor block is wrapped up to avoid direct contact with the skin, it can also be used to great affect to ease aches and pains in the joints. Many athletes have used camphor for just this purpose, making use of its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Because of its strong and pungent aroma, it can also be used for getting rid of musty or damp smells. It is often hung in wardrobes to keep clothes fresh.

But what about using camphor blocks for more spiritual purposes? There are many uses here and it is excellent for blowing away the cobwebs and giving your soul a bit of a spring clean! If you perform spells, rituals or prayers then you can grate camphor blocks and burn them over a charcoal block. This is a very cleansing and purifying process.

For calming down your spirits, if you are feeling very stressed or your nerves are ‘jangly’, place the camphor blocks in the four corners of your room. You will then be literally surrounded with it’s influence and energies and will effortlessly absorb it’s powers.

Camphor blocks have also been associated with psychic and prophetic dreams. You can use the burning method or the placing 4 blocks in your room as you sleep method but if you would like to foretell what is to happen in your life, try concentrating on what you wish to know or the questions you seek answers to before you drift off to sleep. The camphor will help to inspire you. Camphor blocks are also associated with the Chariot tarot card, which represents the ego and self belief. If you feel that you need a boost to your self esteem you can also use camphor blocks for this purpose too.

I would like to end on a serious note. Please do not use camphor blocks if you are pregnant, or use with children unless advised that it is OK by a doctor. Modern camphor blocks often use synthetic materials that can be toxic if consumed directly so it is best to avoid any risk of harm by taking these precautions.

Otherwise, I hope this doesn’t put you off enjoying the wonderful, therapeutic affects of camphor blocks!