California Low Income Health Insurance


There is a substantial rise in the number of young people suffering from ailments owing to various factors such as improper lifestyles, stress, and lack of exercise. The medical field has progressed rapidly. There are solutions for most of the physical disorders. But at the same time, health insurance expenses are continuously rising, making it increasingly difficult for people belonging to low-income groups to seek timely medical help. Many people believe that obtaining a health insurance is beyond their means. Health insurance offers financial security to people in case of sudden health problems. There is a plethora of health insurance companies in the state of California, making the market extremely competitive. It is mandatory by law for every individual in California to have some form of medical coverage. The state has health insurance programs to provide affordable insurance to people belonging to low income groups.

In California, low-income individuals can opt for the Medicaid program. This program is developed by the federal government to bring maximum number of uninsured people under the health insurance cover. The state and the federal government provide funds to run this program. Individuals can obtain an application form from the office of Division of Family services. Individuals are required to provide some documents to qualify for this program. This program takes care of various health insurance requirements of the individuals and their families. Some employers do not provide insurance to the families of their employees. Medicaid program is a viable option for such employees.

California Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board (MRMIB) strives to provide affordable and quality health insurance to people. The Healthy Families Program (HFP) of MRMIB offers inexpensive health, dental and vision coverage to children belonging to low-income groups. The state and federal government financially supports this program. The Access for Infants and Mothers (AIM) program of MRMIB offers affordable health insurance coverage to uninsured pregnant women from low-income groups. Their infants are also covered under this program.

It is advisable to do some research to find the best affordable health coverage plan before opting for one.