Calcified Uterine Fibroids

Calcified uterine fibroids are much more silent than the usual fibroid. Symptoms will vary with position and size, just like the ordinary ones, but the one clear difference is the greatly reduced severity of pain. Becoming calcified is an end stage for a fibroid. They will not likely undergo any more changes in size after this point. Because of that they do not exert increasing amounts of pressure on anything over time.

However, calcified uterine fibroids can still cause problems depending on where they are located. You could experience some of the same symptoms like the urgency to urinate, constipation or diarrhea. You may also still experience some of the same heavy bleeding as well during your menstruation cycle. The only noticeable difference is lack of pain, though multiple or heavy fibroids will cause some pain no matter if they are calcified or not because they can pull on ligaments and such just because of their size alone.

While these might not be as painful, they can still interfere with your life; especially if you have a lot of them or if they become rather large. Surgeries are usually done to remove these fibroids, but that does not have to be your only alternative. There are different herbs and natural treatments available that could help as well. Fibroids do not happen overnight, but they usually take awhile to make their symptoms dramatic. That gives you time to use natural treatments to cure them without the risk or pain of surgery.