caffeine and panic attacks – are the related?

Have you ever wondered if caffeine and panic attacks are related? In this article I hope to share with you the answer to this question in the attempt to minimize your anxious feelings or panic disorder.

If you are like many people, you will enjoy a good coffee in the morning to wake you up and relax you. Most people would not give this a second thought; however there are some people who need to understand the effects that caffeine can have on the body and the mind.

Caffeine can cause both insomnia and anxiety, and both of these conditions are leading causes of panic attacks. In saying this there is a need to reduce the consumption of caffeine especially if you are used to consuming coffee or other caffeinated drinks on a daily basis.

It is worthy to note however that everybody is different and certainly does not mean that if you do consume caffeine that you will increase the chance of a panic attack, but there is a chance that it could do that and it is something you need to be aware of.

So why does it increase the chance I hear you ask? Many substances, such as alcohol, nicotine, marijuana and caffeine all interrupt and destabilize the brain process that keeps us feeling happy and normal. The chemical adenosine is one way the brain helps us, as this is the chemical responsible for calming us down in stressful situations.

It has been found that substances such as those mentioned above interrupts the creation and secretion of this chemical, which in turn allows for stress to build up and form into anxiety.

Another reason is that caffeine increases the body’s heart rate. An increase in a person’s heart rate from these substances can also increase the chance of having a panic attack.

To be honest, it’s not entirely surprising that caffeine is a culprit in our anxious feelings. It is counter intuitive to not consume caffeine on a daily basis, especially considering that it is found in a lot of different types of food. There is a firm belief that drinking coffee will actually decrease stress, when in fact it actually does just the opposite.

So now you have learned the truth about caffeine and panic attacks, and that it does in fact increase over all anxious feelings. Now its time to deal with the problem itself. Learn how to stop an anxiety attack using natural methods and be free from anxiety for good. Remember no matter how deep the problem may lie there is always hope provided you have the desire and determination to succeed.