BV Cures That You Can Rely Upon for Permanent Relief From the Infection


Are you under the impression that you are the only one who is looking out for a bacterial vaginosis remedy to get rid of your chronic infection? Do you know what causes this infection to prevent it? Are you aware that this infection responds extremely well to natural BV cures?

Firstly please do not despair. This infection affects a number of women. Statistically almost 70% of women get it during their fertile years. There are a number of natural remedies which you can make use of to get rid of this infection permanently.

What can you do to prevent the infection?

Before sharing some excellent bv cures let me first explain a few things which you can do to avoid vaginosis.

• do not over wash the vagina or douche frequently

• do not make use of perfumed soaps and sprays in the vaginal area

• have protected sex by making use of condoms

• do not make use of antibiotics if you can avoid it

• Having multiple sexual partners can also trigger this infection. Here is the best to stick to one partner

Bacterial vaginosis remedy that you can rely upon

A) make use of apple cider vinegar to restore the acidic balance of the vagina. Soak in bath water to which couple of cups of cider vinegar has been added for around 20 minutes

B) to ensure that the bad bacterium responsible for the infection does not multiply reduce your intake of sugar, alcohol and food that contain yeast.

C) Tea Tree Oil is an excellent bacterial vaginosis remedy that has antibacterial properties. Make use of tea tree oil suppositories for direct vaginal insertion.