Buzzing in My Ears – 10 Top Tips to Eliminate it For Good

“Buzzing in my ears” is not the correct name for my predicament. The medical term for my problem is Tinnitus. Tinnitus sufferers might hear a mixture of sounds, such as the following:

* Clicking

* Hissing

* Whistling

* Roaring

* Rushing

* Waterfall-like sounds

* And more

Actually, a number of sufferers may even hear several different sounds at different times!

Buzzing in my Ears – Top Tips:

Tip one: Avoid exposure (especially drawn out exposure) to loud music or loud noise of any sort to avoid developing buzzing sounds in my ears.

Tip two: I suffer from buzzing in my ears, but if you hear buzzing in just one ear, you must talk to your doctor as soon as possible, as it might be an indication of a tumour. Although this is unusual, better safe than sorry!

Tip three: As I mentioned earlier, the “buzzing in my ears” is called Tinnitus by GP’s. The American Tinnitus Association (ATA) suggests that you educate yourself on the subject of your situation via dependable resources.

Tip four: When I had a word with my medical practitioner concerning the buzzing in my ears, I ensured that I talked to him about all the medication I was prescribed at the time. You must do the same. It’s a well-known fact that tinnitus may be due to certain drugs (for example huge amounts of aspirin.)

Tip five: When my doctor let me know that she could not uncover a medical basis for the buzzing in my ears, I didn’t lose heart. I previously was aware that I wasn’t alone, and you are not on your own either! There are many of tinnitus sufferers globally (according to the ATA) and a few of them have discovered a treatment for this exasperating condition!

Tip six: The buzzing in my ears at a certain stage was making me so desperate that I would have done whatever it took for just the possibility relief! Don’t be duped by fancy adverts! Unfortunately there are individuals around that prey on other people’s distress, and tinnitus “cures” is big business!

Tip seven: Before I ran out and threw away my hard earned cash, I ensured that I knew what the key reason of the buzzing in my ears was! What may work for one kind of tinnitus, won’t work for another sort! The top 3 reasons for Tinnitus are:

* The buzzing in my ears can be caused by injury caused by prolonged exposure to very loud noise or music (the ears cannot distinguish between the two, and both could cause residual ear noises.)

* The buzzing in my ears can be caused by stress

* Frequent Sinusitis might also bring about buzzing in my ears. The Recurring Sinusitis can be either due to allergies or illness. If that is so, treating the Sinusitis should take care of the ear noises as well.

In case you’re wondering… in my case it is stress related!

Tip eight: Consumption of alcohol is alleged to make the buzzing in my ears get worse. I was counselled to be kind to myself, but not with an alcoholic drink! Depending on the day, these are a number of the things that help me relax; watching the tube, reading a book, immersing myself in a splendid bubble-bath, emailing or talking to friends who know my situation and offer total support and / or writing in my diary (clearly not all at the same time!)

Tip nine: This didn’t help the buzzing in my ears, but several folks have found some reprieve from the buzzing in their ears by using “masking CDs” (CDs of “calming background noise”) to divert attention from the tinnitus.

Tip Ten: I have saved the best for last; this helped me eliminate the buzzing in my ears. If you want to get rid of the buzzing in your ears (tinnitus) for good, follow the recommendationi of an ex tinnitus sufferer.