Buy QBC Diagnostics Malaria Test Kits – Keep Malaria at Bay

Diagnosing Malaria Is Important

Malaria is a serious disease that causes the death of many people across the world, killing over one million people each year. The most serious and fatal type of malaria is caused by Plasmodium falciparum. It is estimated that over 500 million people across the globe get infected with malaria annually. In 2010, the World Health Organization reported 655,000 malaria deaths. Therefore, diagnosing malaria at an early stage itself is very important. Malaria test kits are available to accurately and easily diagnose the presence of this deadly parasite in the human blood.

It is possible to keep malaria at bay through measures such as using a powerful mosquito repellent, having a mosquito net over your bed, and using clothing that provides ample cover for the body. These measures are to be necessarily followed by people traveling to malaria prone geographical locations. Importantly, they should also carry anti-malarial medication and take the required dose as prescribed by the doctor.

Accurate Diagnosis Using QBC Malaria Test Kits

When malaria is diagnosed before it advances, proper treatment can help prevent death from this disease. Usually, malaria is managed using a combination of microscopy and diagnostic tests, and effective medicines. To ensure early diagnosis, clinical laboratories should have accurate diagnostic testing facilities. The QBC malaria test kits from QBC Diagnostics are very effective in identifying the presence of malaria in centrifuged capillary venous blood. These are unique microscopy systems that employ fluorescence microscopy for malaria parasite staining and review. The centrifuged blood in specially coated tubes can be directly observed.

Laboratory facilities can buy these test kits and help to keep malaria at bay. These diagnostic systems have the following advantages.

• Facilitates field detection of malaria parasites in a 10 second to 3 minute examination of blood infected with the malaria parasite.

• This is much more sensitive than conventional blood-film microscopy.

• More conveniently, the components of the test do not require any special controlled test environment or refrigeration facilities.

The available products are:

• QBC Malaria Test System with ParaLens Advance, Microscope, and Centrifuge

• QBC Malaria Test System with ParaLens Advance and Centrifuge

• QBC Malaria Test (Box of 100)

• QBC Malaria Test (Box of 2000)

Purchase from a Reliable Lab Equipment Supplier

Purchase malaria test kits only from a reliable lab equipment supplier. To find a dependable dealer, compare various dealers and consider their pricing and terms of service. Go for a lab apparatus dealer that has a wide range of quality products and has established a reputation for providing value-added services. Also look for the warranty, after sales support, and availability of products from famous brands.