Build Muscle – How Overtraining Affects Your Ability to Build Muscle

If you are currently trying to build muscle, there is no doubt you are performing intense weight lifting sessions in the gym. If you aren’t, you’re likely not getting the results you’d like to be.

Bodybuilding is a very physically demanding exercise on the body and as such, will recover more time to recover from than other activities such as a jog, a swim, or a game of basketball.

The thing to remember with bodybuilding is that when you build muscle, you are actually tearing down your body, so that it will build itself back up. If time is not given to allow this process to take place, where do you stand? Your body is technically ‘broken’ and you won’t be seeing any muscle weight gain then.

Now, apart from not going, how else does overtraining affect you? This is not a simple issue that should be overlooked. If proper care is not taken immediately when you realize this may be occurring in your body, you could be out of the gym for months trying to recover.

Here is what it will do to you.

Decreased Testosterone Levels

If your body is not recovering between your workout sessions, your testosterone levels are going to decline. Since the body is focused solely on trying to overcome the great stimulus you are subjecting it to, it’s certainly not going to be trying to increase a hormone that is related to building, and creating a new life (since, testosterone is after all, a sex hormone).

Increase Fat Gain

Yes, that’s right. If you overtrain yourself long enough, you could be setting yourself up for an increase in fat storage.

The reason for this is because when overtraining sets in, there is a tremendous stress on the body and in response to this, cortisol is released.

This cortisol causes the body to store more body fat, especially around the abdominal region, therefore rather than gaining any muscle, you might just end up gaining more body fat.

Decreased Immune Response

Another problem that occurs with overtraining is your immune system will start to suffer and weaken.

This will put you at risk to experience colds and diseases more easily – and potentially more frequently as well, thus, not only will this take you out of the gym itself, but you may just jeopardize your health if you let it go on long enough.

Muscle Mass Loss

Finally, the last critical thing that happens when you overtrain that is the enemy of anyone out to build muscle is that you will suffer a loss of muscle mass.

So, just as you spent the last year work hard to gain those precious ten pounds of muscle, if you then start going too hard on your program, lifting too much and too frequently, you may just end up kissing

that muscle away.

This is such a hard concept for bodybuilders to grasp since common sense says the harder you work, the better you do, but there is a very fine line between doing enough and doing too much.

Making sure you don’t cross this line is going to mean the difference between you developing an amazing body and you looking mediocre, despite spending years in the gym.