Bruising and Swelling – Four Easy Ways to Treat Wounds the Gentle Natural Way

The body experiences many types of trauma or sudden bruising and swelling over the life of the person. Kids are often fall and need pain relief.

There are many natural ways to treat simple bruising and swelling from falls and accidents.

1. Clean the wound carefully with soap and water. Cover lightly with a loose bandage so air can help heal the wound. Ice or heat depending on which is comfortable to the injured person can be used. Make sure if you are icing an area, you wrap the ice pack which could be made from a package of frozen peas or fruits wrapped in a towel. This is done to protect the protect the skin from being burned by the ice.

2. Arnica montana* a homeopathic reedy can be taken under the tongue in low potency. If it is helping by decreasing the pain, calming the mind and

stopping the swelling then the remedy can be repeated in 10 to 15 minutes, Repeat the dose as needed for pain over the next hour. Reassess after the hour and see if more remedy is needed. Do not continue repeating this dosing pattern unless there is marked improve in the reduction of symptoms.

3. Pure lavender oil can be used in dilution around the wound. Never put oils on the open wound. Check for sensitivity to the oil by testing the oil on the person’s wrist before applying.

4. Pure Aloe vera without alcohol can also be used on a wound to speed healing of the traumatized tissues.

*Depending on the severity of the symptoms and the health of the person will depend on the strength of the homeopathic remedy.

If you have had surgery, the above treatments may be used with the doctor’s or health practitioners approval. Often the surgeon will tell to wait until the wound closes before apply any herbal treatments.

The same guidelines apply as with other wounds – do not apply directly to the open wound, but surround the wound with the pure aloe or lavender oil.