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Bruises from daily bumps and minor injuries can often be painful and unsightly – and I think we all agree we would like to know how to get rid of bruises quick. Treating bruises can really help with the appearance and even the pain of a bruise. Bruises occur when the capillaries release blood into the skin’s tissue. The initial bruise will be dark blue/purple and as the blood is absorbed by the skin’s tissues it the bruise will begin to fade away usually turning brown, yellow, and then back to normal. There are natural bruise treatments you can undertake to eliminate those nasty bruises. Everyone walking on earth has gotten a bruise at one time or another, if you haven’t you might want to check if your are human.

Bruises are caused when enough pressure is placed on the skin to break the blood vessels underneath. A few of the ways this can be accomplished are: by being gripped too tightly, by being struck (by a hand, foot, or object), by falling, or by walking into something. Apply an ice pack to treat any injury that might lead to a bruise such as hit to the head, falling on your legs, bumping your harms or any blows to your body. If you suspect that the bump will blossom into a severe bruise, the quicker you put ice on the injury and treat it continually for 24 hours the better chance you have of not having a bruise.

Most bruises form when small blood vessels near the skin’s surface break from impact of a blow or injury. Blood leaks out of the vessels causing a bluish-black mark. The body reabsorbs the blood and the mark disappears. A bruise will eventually disappear as your body reabsorbs the blood. If there is swelling with the bruise you can apply a cold compress for 20 minutes per session and elevate the affected area. When the swelling has gone down, use a warm compress to help speed re-absorption.

Some vitamins and herbs are considered beneficial in treating bruises. Herbs, and other healing foods, which may be helpful if consumed, include: alfalfa, dandelion, grapes, pineapple, and shavegrass. Vitamins include: C, calcium & magnesium, D, E, K, and zinc. In addition, some herbs may be helpful if applied to the bruise. Crush some fresh parsley leaves, then spread them directly on the bruise. Parsley can promote healing and clear up black-and-blue marks within a day or so. Hold the leaves in place with an adhesive bandage or with gauze and tape.

Call your doctor if you are bruising spontaneously without any reason, or if there are signs of infection around the bruised area including streaks of redness, pus or other drainage, or fever. Call your doctor immediately if you feel extreme pressure in a bruised part or your body, especially if the area is large or very painful. If you have bruised an arm or a leg, one way to help the bruise heal faster is to keep that arm or leg raised, above or at head level to allow the blood to flow away from that area.