Bruised Heels – Prevention & Treatment


Our feet take a pounding as we walk or run.  Up to 3 1/2 times our weight is thrust downward onto our heels with each step.  Consider the number of steps we take in a lifetime and it is no wonder our feet can feel sore or achy. As we get older, the fatty tissue on our heels and forefeet tends to decrease and with that, our natural shock absorption decreases.

Active people, especially those who regularly participate in sporting activities that require running and jumping are highly susceptible to Bruised Heels due to the constant pounding in the heel area.  If their shoes are worn or of poor quality so as to offer little heel cushioning, the risk is increased.

A bruised heel can not only be very tender but it can also take a long time to heal if the condition is not properly treated and the causing activity is not significantly decreased.  Rest, ice packs and over the counter medication such as ibuprofen will help to reduce soreness and inflammation but unless the offending activity is stopped, the condition will only worsen.

A bruised heel can be prevented by first wearing good quality shoes that offer some type of cushioning for the heel area.  The shoe Insoles should ideally have heel cupping as this type of foot bed insole will surround the fatty heel pad to help absorb shock and impact.

Complimenting the shoes with good quality Shoe Insoles will greatly help to prevent heel bruising as well as offer relief if the condition already exists. Spenco Gel Heel Cups offer superior shock absorption and cushioning for the heel.  The Superfeet Insoles are built with an encapsulating heel cup and the Spenco Polysorb Total Support Insoles, Polysorb Walker Runner Insoles and Women’s Total Support Insoles all have deep heel cupping and offer superb heel cushioning while also providing arch support to help restore and maintain proper foot arch function, balance, alignment and stability.

If your foot does not have a good heel cup, the fat pad will splay outward which reduces the natural shock absorption of your heel.  Less shock absorbing capabilities means more stress on your heel bone which results in bruised heels.

Spenco and Superfeet both offer excellent biomechanically shaped Insoles with deep heel cups to encapsulate the fat pad around the heel to allow shock absorption.

You do not have to endure the nagging pain of a bruised heel.  Prevention and relief is a simple solution away.  For more detailed information about the Spenco Gel Heel Cups, the Spenco Heel Cupping Insoles and the Superfeet Insoles, visit The Insole Store today!