Bruised But Not Beaten

Bruised But Not Beaten

By Daveda Gruber

“Bruised but Not Beaten”, is a very heartfelt emotional book presented to us by Daveda Gruber. She is a mother, wife, and poet who share with her readers some of the tragedies that she has endured in her life.

This book is written in poetic form as Daveda knows how to share it best. She starts off this heart- felt journey by letting her reading audience know that “Even Angels Cry”. Tears certainly will flow as you journey with this writer through the courageous wording of this book.

Bruised from the “Mortal Lies”, told year after year, Daveda pens it out for her readers. Her bruises and tears are poured out page by page. Doomed promises and shattered dreams are etched on the mind of the writer. Yet she allows it to be released in this her twelfth book.

She also shares with us how life became rough through controlling situations. You will read and see how words, conveyed harshly, certainly does bruise one’s spirit, and also caused this angel to have “A Torn Wing”. We will learn that once harsh words are spoken out they can’t be retracted. Bruised, yes but still we see how this writer was not beaten.

We continue to see how one could leave footprints on the inside of one’s heart through the reading of this book. Reality is seen and felt along this journey. Many will even find themselves identifying with pains and emotions of this writer. It is truly hard to live on the battlefield of war lingering in your own home. The writer seeks for answers in “Knowing My Fear”. In this lovely Chat Royal I can hear her cries to the Lord longing for an escape out of this situation. Yet will she find it? I ask, or will she continue to stay in the relationship to make the best of her marriage?

The writer continues to capture the souls of her audience in “Evil’s Last Touch”. She now sees herself as a victim of crime fighting for her soul. Where will she find refuge? Will she continue to have a will to live or will this be her final death? Bruised yes but all the while still not beaten. Will she triumph? Will she be able to say “I Danced” as she does her best to find an escape from all of these inward bruising? Then the writer wants to know, what does her own children think in, “Do They Know How I Feel”? We see how the bruising not only affects the writer but other loved ones involved in her life.

I found “Bruised But Not Beaten”, to be a very emotional write. It is one many can identify with and yet find healing through the voice of someone else who has lived it too. It is a great book to enhance your reading library.