Bruised, Battered And Inflamed? This Will Help!

Bruises and bumps are an all-too-common occurrence in life. They usually are the result of blood from damaged blood vessels deep beneath your skin collecting near the surface, which results in a black and blue discoloration.

A bruise is cosmetic, so perhaps (?!) less of a concern. But under the bruise the cells are damaged and can become fibrotic, leading to hardness and pressure on the body. This is a source of FASCIAL RESTRICTION and can have far reaching “drag” like effects on the fascia (connective tissue) of the body. See our other article on how to release tight fascia. Homeopathic remedies like Arnica Montana will reduce inflammation and speed healing. Combination remedies that include arnica like Topricin and Traumeel we have found to help better. Celadrin which contains CMO (Cetyle Myristoleate) is also standing up well in studies on arthritis.

The key, like most areas of health, is proactive prevention. The reason why most people bruise is that their capillaries are too fragile and essentially are easily torn. One of the best ways to ensure that your blood vessels remain strong and flexible is to make sure you have an excellent source of bio-available nutrients.

Typically, a well-rounded diet with nutritional-type-appropriate organic vegetables and fruits may be sufficient to provide all the micronutrients you will need to prevent bruising from all but the most severe traumas. However, these days with soil depletion, even if we shop and eat diligently we may not reach optimum nutrition. Supplementation is key in today’s world. We recommend a product called Intramax which is available through healthcare professionals (and NO is not a MLM!) – this is an excellent liquid, highly bio-available organic food which replaces most other supplements.

If you already have a bruise, nature is full of simple, natural solutions for your health. Among them are the above listed topical remedies that can help speed the healing process of your bruises so they go away faster, as well as plants like cabbage, banana, onion and aloe. BUT remember the key is to avoid bruises in the first place by being careful, supplementing and having loads of appropriate vegetables and fruits in your diet.

I do not recommend taking acetaminophen for pain associated with common bruising, as it’s been shown to cause liver damage with excessive or extended use. Ibuprofen and aspirin are no better, and taken together they can be a downright deadly combo.

There’s really no reason to succumb to taking these dangerous drugs for minor, everyday problems, as the risks far outweigh the benefits.

Obtaining good bodywork for treating and preventing “issues in the tissues” is a very prudent preventative healthcare approach to help you live beyond 100!