Brown Toenail – Causes and Treatments

A brown toenail is most certainly an unwanted sight on your toes. Thousands of people develop brown toenails and in general there is no great cause for concern. Treatment is available given you take the appropriate course of action.

Brown Toenail Causes

There are a few causes of brown toenails. If you’re wearing tight shoes this may cause your nail to become discolored. Signs of this may also be thickening. It is common for toenails with discoloring to have a toenail fungus infection. Symptoms of a fungal infection include discoloration, flaking, brittleness, spots, and thickening of the nail. You may also experience a slight pain when walking on the infected toe.


It’s important to realize that when treating you realize the causes to prevent further occurrences. Fungus can be spread in moist public areas such as your local public pool, gym, and sauna. When visiting these places make sure you wear sandals as much as you possibly can.

Trimming your nails too short is another common cause of fungus. Make sure you leave a little nail left to hang off the end of the toe. If a nail is cut too short it might cause minor cuts on the toe leaving it open to attack.


There are a variety of treatments out there. One of the most dangerous is ingested prescription pills. These pills contain toxins which attempt to rid the fungus. They also do severe damage to your liver possibly leading to liver disease.

I found over the counter medicines ineffective against my toenail fungus.

What started working for me was when I dipped my feet in beer for approximately thirty minutes per treatment twice a day. Regular old beer works at attacking fungus. I found regular beer to work the best none of that light stuff. After my beer treatment I coated my toenails in a natural topical treatment. Within about two weeks I started seeing noticeable results.