Bronchopneumonia – Treatment and Causes

Bronchopneumonia can be explained as a respiratory condition, which is connected with the lung. It commonly refers to people who firstly have pneumonia and whose situation wasn`t so bad and they have been treated at home. However, in the progress of the illness, bronchopneumonia should be treated in hospital. It affects millions of people every year all over the world and more especially in the Third World.

Bronchopneumonia can be caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi. The bacteria Streptococcus pneumonia is mostly common seen in adults. If you have a broken immune system, you might get attacked by the Legionella pneumophila bacteria. In the most criticizes organisms Tuberculosis is the most frequent cause of bronchopneumonia. In the past Tuberculosis had lead to dead.

There are a lot of risks, which may drive you to bronchopneumonia. Smokers and the people who had been suffering long time from diseases related to heart, have liver cirrhosis or are diabetics, are in the most risky group. Also, if you have already been operated or you have a lung disease, there is an about 70% more chance to catch bronchopneumonia. The best vaccinen is to have a healthy lifestyle, without any cigarettes, alcohol and a regular sport activity.

The difficulties in breathing are the first signs that you have pneumonia. As above mentioned, the pneumonia is the first stage of bronchopneumonia. The crackles in your chest are the first symptom of Bronchopneumonia. In some cases and only after a decision of your doctor, you may be obligated to make some more tests, including CBC- checking of your white blood cell counts, also checking your arterials to see if there is enough oxygen, getting into the blood via the lungs and etc.

The treatment of bronchopneumonia is quite individually. After a consultation with a doctor, there is even a possibility of going into a hospital. Of course, despite of the diagnosis, there are some factors, which cannot be neglect. If you are over 65 years or a small kid, your doctor will be obligated to send you to a hospital. Furthermore, if you have other serious illness or there is no effect from the treatment at home, you will have to go to a hospital, because of your situation.

The regular treatment is about 2 weeks. If there are some complications, there is a possibility to protract the stay in the hospital. In most cases these are people, who have problems with heart or are diabetics.

Dirty hands, smoking cigarettes and the bad lifestyle at all are one of the biggest agents of the illness.