Bronchitis with a Rattling Cough

Bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchi, which are situated in your lungs and sometimes in the trachea, the windpipe conveying air from your nose to your lungs. Any inflammation in your lungs is going to cause difficulty in breathing regardless of the cause, which can be many and varied.

You may feel congested and may have a lot of catarrh.

Bronchitis can vary in form from a mild acute problem, to a full blown chronic and serious problem.

While it is not wise for anyone untrained to treat any serious respiratory problem, you can treat yourself for the mild forms, for the recurring types and in addition to normal treatment.

This article is all about a rattling cough which seems to come from your throat or deep in your chest. A rattling cough means you have a lot of catarrh. You feel congested.

Often you can’t cough up the mucus although you want to and try really hard to. It just won’t come up.

For any cough which fits this picture, the homeopathic medicine Antimonium tartaricum (Ant tart for short) can be a god send.

Frequently this type of moist cough comes at the extremes of life. New-borns may have it. The elderly may experience it, so it is often referred to as the death rattle.

Winter is a bad time, with this cough and congestion recurring several times. Your immune system is not able to shrug this off.

Those who will benefit from Ant tart can be, but not necessarily, in a weak state. They may fall asleep during a coughing fit.

One of my colleagues gave it to her father, as he appeared to be coming to the end of his life. He was. And he was ready to go, so he didn’t appreciate her successful efforts at bringing him back.

So if you have a moist and rattling cough, which doesn’t bring up the mucus however hard you try, you seem to get it more in winter, and you feel better in a sitting position, then Ant tart is probably going to do you a lot of good.

The disease label, of say bronchitis, is not indicative of this effective use of this medicine. What is important is your unique symptoms. So if you have bronchitis, but the above symptom picture doesn’t fit you, Ant tart won’t do you any good at all.