Bronchitis While Pregnant


During pregnancy, one is prone to getting many infections. Care should be taken to avoid these infections. Bronchitis during pregnancy is caused by viruses and bacteria. The most common causes are the viruses. These are the rhinos viruses, adenoviridae, and the syncytial virus. Infections as a result of these viruses lasts for a few days. The symptoms usually disappear on their own. Bacteria infections need to be medicated using antibiotics.

Bronchitis during pregnancy can cause a lot of distress to the patient. Self medication should be avoided at this time. A proper doctor's diagnosis should be thought for. This will establish the true nature of the condition and the pathogens at play. The pathogens need different treatment plans. You should realize that whatever action you take, it can adversely affect the health of the baby. A doctor's consultation will guide you on the best way to handle the disease.

Bronchitis during pregnancy can worsen some conditions one could be having. These are high blood pressure and morning sickness. Since bronchitis makes one cough a lot vomiting at this time can worsen too. Foods should be taken moderately. A lot of fluids should be taken so as to avoid dehydration. Medication given by the doctor should be taken according to the prescription. The dosage should be finished so as to avoid a re-infection.

When pregnant, you should avoid people who already have the disease. If you have already contracted the disease, immediate action should be taken to avoid the condition progressing to pneumonia. Medication should not be taken without a proper doctor's prescriptions.