Bronchitis Vs Pneumonia

What is the difference between bronchitis and pneumonia?


It is an inflammation of the bronchi, which are the large air way passes that lead from the mouth to the lungs.
If it is caused by a virus, it is self limited and needs no treatment at all.

It is divided into two types sometimes acute and chronic. In acute it lasts for four to ten days accompanied by flu or cold while when chronic, it lasts for three months and above and the symptoms are recurrent and can be a threat to life. It is cached by dirty air and heavy fumes.


It is an infection in the lung tissue itself. The vast majority of patients who have bronchitis have it because they are exposed to virus, most often the common cold.

It is caused by virus as well as bacteria and requires treatment with antibiotics.

It can also be caused by micro organizations.

It is divided into four types:

– Walking one which is mild and causes a dry cough.
– Aspiration one where bacteria is present and it is harmless.
– Opportunistic one it is harmless as long as immune system is healthy.
– Regional and occupational caused by exposure to chemicals.

Incubation period is four to six days in influence it takes 18 to72 hours.
Viral one lasts long to cure.

Bacterial is cured between one to two weeks.

A good balanced diet will make sure that your immune system is at its peak and fighting off infections for your body will be easy. You can also take food supplements when necessary just to fill in the gaps that your diet might have left.