Bronchitis Treatment – Cure Yourself At Home

If you keep taking antibiotics for Bronchitis you find that after awhile they become less affective. In normal medical practice you don’t have much option as that hacking cough tries to remove the infected phlegm that the infection causes.

Some people are unlucky enough to keep catching the Bronchitis infection and will end up at the Doctors time and time again every year. Paying for prescription like this can put a strain on your budget.

The cause of Bronchitis is quite simple as your bronchial tubes get infected, and as the get infected they cause phlegm to build up in your bronchial tubes which your body then tries to remove. The only way it can remove this phlegm is by making you cough, yet the more you cough the more inflamed your bronchial tubes become.

At this stage you may wonder what did we do before we used antibiotics, and is there another solution to the problem. This was the question that a medical researcher kept asking himself as he suffered another bout of Bronchitis himself.

He guessed that there must be an answer so contacted several Alternative medical Doctors who all gave him their answers. What he found was that he needed to get rid of the germs that caused the infection in the first place and until he did that he would keep getting the same old problems several times a year.

Knowing that he had a weakness in his chest from being an ex-smoker he decided to put the different remedies the Alternative medical Doctors suggested to test, using himself as a guinea pig.

Finally he did come up with the right combination of ingredients that are readily available at most health shops or supermarkets. It worked on him every time but he did need to try it out on other people. Here he enlisted the help of friends who also suffered yet when he told them of the ingredients they began to laugh thinking that their friend had got it all wrong. Yet they tried this Alternative cure and it worked.

Please note that I am not a Doctor or am I in any way qualified to give opinion in medical matters, and that I only write articles on what I call common sense and that the patient should make their own mind up with regard to these things. (If you’ve ever had side affects from drugs prescribed to you I think you will understand what I mean.)

If you are a smoker you are a prime target to get an infection and you should still contact your Doctor and that by using an alternative natural cure you do so at your own risk as your Doctor will probably tell you.