Bronchitis – Serious Viral Infection

Bronchitis is a serious bacterial or viral infection. It is essentially inflammatory of the mucous membranes of the bronchi which carries air from the trachea into the lungs. Millions of people have it at one point and it can come in acute or chronic. Either way, it's dangerous to have because your airflow is restricted.

Acute bronchitis starts off with a cough without mucus or other liquids. It primarily occurs during any kind of viral illness like a cold or flu.

Chronic bronchitis can last for a long time in the body without prejudice. The chronic coughing or mucus flow is never slowed down and subtractedly leaves life miserable for people. Different types of air pollution and cigarette smoke are irritants that make it worse.

There are several medicines that are available to help the inflammation of the mucus or to less the coughing aspect of it. Antibiotics have a very limited role in controlling bronchitis so it's best not to spend money or time on antibiotics. Other natural elements such as silver deposits have been tried and true as a cure for bronchitis.

Bronchitis is not something to take loosely. Chronic bronchitis takes the lives of thousands of people each year and it's best to get ahead of it before it gets any worse. An acute case can quickly become a chronic case, and a chronic case can quickly lead to death.

For those who suffer with bronchitis, it is not permanent and there is no clear way to prevent it. It is something that will afflict everyone at least once in their life.