Bronchitis Natural Treatment Options

 Bronchitis  is usually described as a breathing condition which irritates and inflames the bronchi, which are the airways and passages inside the lungs.

An attack of  bronchitis  is usually so debilitating that sufferers will feel truly down in the dumps because of the absence of oxygen, the additional effort to breathe, and fatigue. It is very important for folk with  bronchitis  to be told how to take a step back and look after themselves.

Conventional health-care professionals will typically advise you that there’s no solution and the one thing you can do is live with it for the seven to 10 days which is the common period for a case of acute  bronchitis .

But natural health practitioners do not agree with this philosophy. They think that you can shorten an episode of acute  bronchitis  without drugs and also not need to suffer for seven to 10 days. There are home treatment alternatives that help to thin the mucus so you can cough it up easier and at the same time assist your body to fight the bacterial infection.

Here are some  bronchitis  natural treatment options which might be very helpful:

 Bronchitis  Natural Treatment Lifestyle and Dietary Tips

Remember that what you eat and drink for the duration of an attack of  bronchitis  might do you lots of good or lots of harm. You must have heard about the 8 x 8-ounce glasses or more a day. That will assist to thin the mucus.

– Eliminate refined sugar at all cost as that deteriorates the immune system.

– Try to increase your consumption of spicy foods such as horseradish, garlic, onions, and hot peppers.

– Eliminate all refined carbohydrates, sugar, dairy products and egg whites – this will help to reduce the body’s capability to manufacture mucus. You can replace with soy or rice milk, soy cheeses, stevia (a natural sweetener) and egg substitute.

– Eliminate alcohol, tea and coffee.

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