Bronchitis Natural Cures – Tips For Clearer Lungs

The pain and discomfort of bronchitis is something many smokers and ex-smokers have to live with every day. If not dealt with successfully this can become a chronic condition, so trying bronchitis natural cures for permanent relief is something you should consider.

A bronchitis natural cure is all part of a process of lung detoxification. This is all about stopping the process of bronchitis from the root causes, which has the added advantage of stopping a whole host of other lung problems including full blown COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and lung cancer. So to understand the processes involved, let’s look at what causes bronchitis. Bronchitis is caused by an inflammation of the bronchial tubes that extend right down to the ends of the lung where the gas exchange happens. Not only does this constrict your airways but it promotes the production of mucus which further coats surfaces and prevents sufficient gas exchange. Here are some bronchitis natural treatments you can do to detox and clean your lungs of what inflames them.

1. Reduce Inflammation

The main problem when you have bronchitis is the swelling and inflammation in your airways. You can deal with this in a natural way with a combination of vitamins and foods that help to lessen swelling. Some good foods include the spice turmeric and red wine (in moderation).

2. Clear Mucus

Another part of a natural cure for bronchitis is to get rid of the mucus that is blocking the airways. You can do this again with foods but also with specific lung exercises. Foods that help to liquefy the thick mucus that is mixed with the tar from cigarettes is essential. Hot foods such as chillis and hot spices help to make mucus easier to cough up and expel from the body. When combined with breathing exercises you can clear out a lot of the blockages and the tar and chemicals that irritate and inflame your lungs.

3. Remove Tar

Tar and the chemicals that you inhale when you smoke is trapped in your lungs; this is what REALLY causes bronchitis. No natural cure for bronchitis can ignore that you must get rid of the tar in your lungs. This is not as easy at getting rid of the mucus however as some tar seeps into the tissue which takes a lot more effort to cleanse than the easier, looser tar. A full lung detox regime with dietary changes, special vitamin supplements and physical and mental exercises can achieve this result. Lung detox is designed to purge the lungs of tar and the terrible concoction of chemicals is trapped in your lungs.